Eddy houses production including production hall operated by solar energy
For us as the Frei-es-leben Foundation, healthy living is the basis for living in harmony with all forms of life.
That is why we support the construction of vortex houses based on the principle of togetherness. The vortex structure of the roof creates absolute balance according to the yin-yang principle.

Amount needed to start the project in full: 7 000 000 €

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Further explanation:

This construction represents a completely new, aesthetic, energetic and economical construction concept. Each individual carrier element carries and supports the other at the same time and is itself carried. This results in a self-supporting roof structure.

This simple basic construction offers endless possibilities. For example, the number of support elements can be selected according to individual needs. The minimum number consists of 3 elements, resulting in a triangular building. As the number of elements increases, the house develops more and more into a round shape.

Due to the different sizes of the elements, ideas for all proportions can be implemented: from garden sheds to pavilions, residential buildings to large halls (e.g. for sports halls, swimming pools, etc.). Or several smaller modules that can be assembled into a whole in a honeycomb structure; which is particularly suitable for therapy centers, retirement homes, seminar houses, kindergartens, studios, etc.

The self-supporting roof structure makes it possible to use a wide variety of building materials, since there is no need to pay attention to further load-bearing capacity. Interior and exterior walls can be made of clay, wood, stone, glass or other building materials.

From an energetic point of view, the construction is a double spiral. A specific (measurable) vibration is achieved and thus a harmonization of the interior spaces. This vibration has a wonderful, tangible effect on humans and all other life forms that reside within it.

On the one hand, this simple construction offers an economical construction of almost unimaginable proportions. And secondly, a harmonization of the rooms, which will probably not be achieved by any other construction method.

Vortex House Park / Center for Life Energy

The eddy house park as a center for life energy represents a holistic, innovative concept, which alone through the geometric structure lets people, animals and plants feel well-being and vitality and can also activate creativity and promote concentration.

The special concept combines bionics with psychology, physiology, geometry, energetics, agniculture and permaculture. The center, which is self-sufficient on all levels (electricity, water, heat, food), offers a wide range of options: Whether it's just a short break to explore the wild, pristine nature of Portugal, or a longer stay as a retreat to feel whole again arriving at yourself, or as a relaxed seminar location for exciting topics...

There is a private spring on the site, which supplies us with the purest drinking water, but can also be used for irrigation.

Fruit trees, fresh vegetables, our own vines, everything in organic quality, provide guests with wholesome vitamins directly from our own garden almost all year round.

When building the eddy houses, attention is paid to sustainability; natural building materials have priority here.

The center for physical recreation and spiritual development offers a large meeting center ("Golden House") with at least two separate rooms for seminars / events / yoga and a self-catering kitchen. A small gallery is planned as an exhibition space for interesting innovative products within the golden house. The "green house" represents a small green place of power with the round vortex pergola, a rustic, shady spot in summer and an open meeting place in the garden with natural seating. In the covered outdoor kitchen ("Blue House") there is a kitchen witch and a fully equipped kitchen with a dining table to prepare the delicacies you have picked yourself from the garden - also together. The holiday homes (2 to 5 beds) for short and long-term guests and investors offer every visitor enough privacy. The "Orange House" - a crystal earth sauna at the nearby natural bathing lake - and the "Purple House" - massage and therapy area, ensure physical and emotional well-being. The natural lake (rainwater reservoir) invites you to swim and relax and offers refreshment and relaxation for body and soul on warm days.